Our Team

We call ourselves Solemates — the remarkable and high-performing talents who dare to embrace opportunities.

Product Team

As a product mastermind, we translate the client's needs into the detailed requirements, resulting in more tangible ideas — user stories, wireframes, acceptance criteria — in accordance with your business processes. We deeply care about the user experiences, not only we build the right product, but we also make sure that we build the product right.

Engineering Team

We fluently speak wide range of languages, both web and mobile app, starting from React, Java, Swift, Kotlin, C#, and .Net; you name it, we code it. Not only speaking about the quantity, we are structured, logical, and bug-free to deliver the best quality product for your business.

Design Team

Beautiful designs are born of a thoughtful design process. We passionately visualize your business needs and always dig more to enhance the user experiences. Since day one, we have been obsessed with scalable and usable design, so we are always diligently looking at each component to ensure everything is on point.

Programming Team

While some engineers get lost in writing complex scripts, we specialize in utilizing cutting-edge coding platforms to help you build applications quick and efficient. Our team is experienced in low-code development, ETL, Dashboard, and DevOps, and we have the skills and expertise needed to help you achieve your goals. Whether you need a new application developed from scratch or want to optimize an existing one, we can provide the support you need to get the job done right.

Project Management Team

Experience the finest quality of project delivery within your hands. We plan the project wholeheartedly and keep a keen eye on it. Set and manage project expectations with clients as project ground; then, we strive for excellent delivery with achieved time, scope, and quality as your desire.

Operation Team

Our behind-the-scenes team plays a critical role in maintaining stable financial conditions and maximizing revenue opportunities. By getting to know us better, you can appreciate our expertise and value to clients. We actively promote our capabilities through marketing efforts, sharing success stories and showcasing our team's skills. We prioritize our employees and are committed to providing excellent service for you and your business while fostering an inclusive work environment.

“At Solecode, a product isn't just created to be made but used. We created things to be used; therefore, the user is where we put our minds.”

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