Our Story

A tech-service company that helps clients improve business processes through digitalization and value-led solutions, with CARE.

The Initiators

Dewa and Andres are experienced and accomplished tech experts who have dedicated their careers to implementing technology solutions for big corporations. With years of experience under their belt, they have honed their skills in crafting digital products and solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients. They have helped numerous corporations find ways to improve their business processes, increase efficiency, and elevate the quality of their operations.

Realization of the Importance of User Adoption

After several years of experience, Dewa and Andres noticed that successful digital transformation is more than just developing applications. They saw that creating functional applications was not enough, and that the key to successful digital transformation is designing applications that are not only made, but also adopted and used by the user. In recent years, digital transformation has been booming, and companies have been doing digitalization to leverage their competitive advantage. However, many applications developed are functional, yet they are rarely well-crafted to be usable.

User-Centric Digital Solutions

Dewa and Andres see this slide in the digitalization trend and believe that an application isn't just created to be made but used. When things are designed to be used, the user is where they put their minds. There is certainly a difference between delivering an application and making the user actually use it. Being delivered is a must, but adopted to be used is an achievement. This realization inspired the birth of Solecode, a company dedicated to creating user-centric digital solutions.

The Birth of Solecode

Completing the puzzle, Lia is the enabler of the team and is the one who sees the great opportunities and brings Solecode into the real game. Lia opens the path for Solecode to start and grow by pitching its way to acquire clients – convincing businesses to trust Solecode as their digital transformation companion. Uniting as a strong team, Dewa, Andres, and Lia launched Solecode in February 2020.

Unlock Top-tier Tech Talent

Meet Abdi, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in corporate development. Abdi takes the helm of Solecode Academy, a dynamic business line dedicated to training, bootcamp, and outsourcing services. Under his guidance, Solecode Academy is primed to empower individuals to unlock their full potential in the world of technology.

Commitment to Digital Transformation

Now, Solecode is committed to helping businesses achieve their digital transformation goals by delivering well-crafted, user-friendly applications. The company's focus on user adoption and satisfaction sets it apart from others in the field. Solecode's approach ensures that the digital solutions they create are not only functional, but also provide a positive user experience.

“At Solecode, a product isn't just created to be made but used. We created things to be used; therefore, the user is where we put our minds.”

Our Line of Businesses

Solecode Tech offers various solutions for product development and data management. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to deliver the best products and outcomes that are uniquely tailored to your needs.

Solecode Strategy creates plans and strategies for your business to achieve IT-related goals on par with your overall business objectives. We design our approach to your unique business setting to accelerate achieving your business goals.

Solecode Academy offers solutions to help you acquire and develop talents based on skill sets your business needs. Our services are here to cut short the hassle for you.

Ragam Solutions offers various Cloud and DevOps services for your business. We are committed to provide you with the highest level of support to your business.