Solecode with low code

I've already talked about how Solecode maintain the agility by developing a way of work as called Solecode Scrum in the previous story. The next question is how to keep the rapid delivery with high product quality and not compromising the agility. Well, the answer is the development platform or an environment that being used by our scrum team as for software engineer to help get the things done. We believe that by utilizing the proper development platform, software engineer can keep the pace and agility of each sprint without sacrificing their happy life 😊

At Solecode, we use low code platform as the main development platform for software engineer and scrum team to deliver the product. Low code isn't only for what the term stands for, that engineers will spend less their time coding at the platform. However, the main thing is that we want to change the mindset of software engineer from thinking solely in coding, but more practically solve the business problem by finding the product backlog as simple as possible. Then again, "simple" here means that we have to deliver the solution to the business problems as close as possible by measuring the native capability of the platform. The analogy is simple, that is

"if you need to travel to Bandung from Jakarta, and there is a car that is provided to you that includes a User Manual, then why bother build a car by yourself? You just need to spend some time to read the user manual, so, you can continue to go from Jakarta to Bandung by only driving that car."

Finally, the combination of our way of work (Solecode Scrum) and our low code development platform will help any members at Solecode to help the client to solve the business problem as soon as possible with the most robust product delivery. So we can achieve the rapid delivery and still maintaining the quality of product without compromising flexibility and agility during the process.

Dewangga Respati

Chief Executive Officer

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