Solecode tech work spirit

Solecode Tech under the leadership of our CTO (Andresta Ramadhan) are bunch of high talented, high passion, and high motivation people that ready to bring value to our enterprise and B2B clients. With our agile way of work called Solecode Scrum combined with modern and advanced technology that we bring, we believe that we can bring more value to clients and create great impact to the business. Our tech team have many success stories in helping digital transformation journey in various industry from government, multi finance, FMCG, and many more.

Key success to consistently apply scrum in our day to day life are collaboration between each role in our scrum team and spirit of support that we always encourage in each team member. We maintain our constant pace in delivering project or product so our solecode scrum can be applied. With our scrum way of work, we inspired many clients to start apply agile scrum in the internal way of work.

Combination between scrum and our advance technology bring up the great value to Solecode Tech itself and absolutely will impact also in our delivery. We have common spirit to deliver high quality product in a simple, elegant, and rapid way. Andresta and Solecode Tech ready to keep improving the way of work to make it better each day and help your digital transformation journey with Solecode.

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