How we are keep our agility using solecode scrum

Solecode using agile scrum as the software development methodology to deliver our projects to client and also our internal product. As we all know, scrum is just only a generic framework that not govern any detail in how we do the software development. Challenge that all system integrator like us in implementing scrum especially in project delivery is how we can balancing between agility and contractual aspect that have defined scope, budget, and time.

Solecode tuning the scrum and combine with other methodology to give more benefits and make it suitable to deliver the project to client with defined scope, budget, and time. We called it Solecode Scrum that combine the agility of scrum framework but also adopt the certainty aspect from waterfall. In the early of the scrum lifecycle after kick off meeting, we have initial phase which consume 1 - 2 sprint maximum to have some common understanding between us and clients. So in the simple word, we achieve product vision with waterfall mechanism. After we agreed in the product vision with some artifacts produced in this phase, we fully running the sprint development using the ordinary scrum mechanism. In the end of last sprint development cycle, we hold last event that we come back again adopt waterfall mechanism to ensure we deliver the project clearly both from application side and document side.

We can tell that implement scrum in the project based activity that have limited scope, budget, and time as stated in the contract is quite challenging. The keys are communication, commitment, and collaboration between us and client supported with right methodology and consistently apply the methodology. So far, with all the things we mentioned above, Solecode still can retain the agility along with the compliance with the contractual in term of scope, budget, and timeline.

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