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Sharing knowledge di agile team

Social and engineering culture yang baik sangat penting agar agile team dapat bertahan dan berjalan dengan baik. Salah satu culture yang cukup penting adalah budaya sharing knowledge.

Solecode with low code

At Solecode, our Software Engineers use low code development platform as the main development platform to deliver a rapid and high quality product by keeping the agility of the process.

How we are keep our agility using solecode scrum

Solecode using agile scrum as the software development methodology to deliver our projects to client and also our internal product. Challenge that all system integrator like us in implementing scrum is how we can balancing between agility and contractual aspect.

Solecode tech work spirit

Solecode Tech under the leadership of our CTO (Andresta Ramadhan) are bunch of high talented, high passion, and high motivation people that ready to bring more value to our enterprise and B2B clients.